The Oder - Part 2: From the Neisse to the Oder lagoon

NDR/ Studio Hamburg - 2006

An unspoilt nature paradise lies a mere 100 kilometres east of Berlin. The crystal-clear and meandering streams Ilanka and Pliszka wind their way through the polish countryside, to where the River Oder connects with the River Neisse. Beavers, terrapins and kingfishers have their niches here. Tribu-taries that cannot be found anywhere else on the Oder.

The Warthe and Unteres Odertal National Parks are of considerable importance, due to their abundance of ospreys, white-tailed eagles, geese, bats and kingfishers. At its mouth on the Baltic Sea, the Stettin lagoon, the river Oder is huge and mighty, here it reveals its determination. The wide river, of which much of its course has been artificially manipulated, opens itself up like a hand in a labyrinth of tributaries and unloads its water into the sea.

The network of river arms can best be seen from high up on the hills of Wolin Island. A mosaic of veins of water runs through the meadows and forests. Here, beavers can build their dams uninhibitedly. Black storks, white-tailed eagles and herons brood here in the tranquillity of this water labyrinth. In the winter, the lagoon is populated by resting waterfowl.