The Oder - Part 1: From the Sudeten to the Neisse

Expeditionen ins Tierreich - NDR/ Studio Hamburg - 2005

Moonlight over the Czech mountains. A thundery shower discharges its water and feeds the spring. A shimmering stream winds its way through moss-covered rock formations: The Oder. A mere sparkle betrays its course through meadows into an idyllic gorge. In the distance, a raft departs on its long jour-ney to the Unteres Obertal National Park.

The timber is required there for the construction of an observation tower. En route, the raft encounters a wedding party, an old lady on her way to market with a goat and cross-country cyclists that want to get to the other side of the stream. Committed citizens that do their utmost for the Oder and its inhabitants. They all tell of the river. Otters, kingfishers, beavers, sand martins, sandpipers and yellow-bellied toads all characterise this landscape.