Romantic Mecklenburg

NDR/ Studio Hamburg - 2004

Between the rivers Elbe and Darss, a broad strip of land lies resplendent with rapeseed fields, old avenues and country manors, a thousand lakes and one ocean: Mecklenburg. Both animals and plants flourish here. Wildlife film producer Christoph Hauschild provides us with breathtaking footage of sea eagles hunting and Storks mating, and invites us to the nurseries of dormice and kingfishers.

No other region in Germany is home to so many sea eagles as Mecklenburg. In March, mating pairs perform high-speed looping manoeuvres and build their enormous nests, twig for twig. Hauschild's camera follows the young birds' first days, until in summer, the time comes for them to rehearse their flying skills and argue over the best titbits around the lakes. In the winter, the eagles gather in large communities at the last ice holes, then thrust downwards in the midst of swarms of hundreds of rails - a breathtaking hunt begins.