Mecklenburg's heavenly lakes - Between osprey and bison

NDR/ Studio Hamburg - 2007

Germany's largest connected lake district is located between Hamburg and Berlin: the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau. More than a thousand lakes of all sizes are connected by rivers and canals. At the centre of this watery paradise is the Müritz.

Apart from the intact nature, with its variety of rare animal species such as the osprey and the kingfisher, a family of buskers plays a decisive role. They journey through Mecklenburg's water worlds on a raft and act out fairy tales en route. The stage is nature itself. The fairground entertainers leave with the departure of the cranes. With the fairy-tale castle in Schwerin as a backdrop they begin their journey, following the old trading route eastwards across the river Stör. Near to Plau, they meet with bison, who, unperturbed, wade through the shallow waters of the Damerow Holm. Their leisurely pace reflects the peace and strength that this landscape emanates. Just a few kilometres further on there is the Müritz National Park, an eagle's paradise. By means of a slow-motion camera, animal film director Christoph Hauschild records the spectacular flights of ospreys swooping for prey.

Between Müritz and Rheinsberg, embedded in magical forests, are North Ger-many's cleanest lakes. The jewel is the legendary Stechlin. Divers pursue the secret of the red rooster and discover a wonderful submarine world.