A natural oasis in the heart of Brandenburg

NDR/ Studio Hamburg, rbb - 2008

The River Havel embraces the Havelland - one of Brandenburg's most appealing cultivated landscapes - like a protective arm. Many perceive the region at the gates of Berlin as an orchard and via Theodor Fontaine's poem "Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland". But the Havelland is so much more… The river shaped the countryside and still does to this day. Nature filmmaker Christoph Hausschildt presents an empathetic portrait of the "natural oasis in the heart of Brandenburg": In Central Europe's largest interior wetlands, many thousands of cranes meet in the region on their way south. Mighty fish-eagles find ample nutrition here and capital red deer bellow in the bordering forests.

The lynx is a particularity of the wide river valley meadows. Here also is the habitat of the great bustard, watched over like crown jewels. Foxes rear their offspring on small elevations on drier land. From the stork's nests on church steeples and farmsteads, it is only a stone's throw from the placid, waterlogged Alder thickets in which terrapins live and ospreys rest after hunting their prey.